Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a critical part of Daniel Hoh + Associates’ approach to client marketing programs. Whether we are talking about the annual strategic marketing plan or an individual project within that context, marketing objectives and strategies must be set based on corporate objectives, market analysis, and competitive information.

By understanding and utilizing the inherent marketing considerations underlying every project, we can more effectively target program goals and achieve desired results.

Development of a communications program
can be divided into five phases:

  • 1. Strategic Marketing Plan—The overall outline of client goals and objectives.
  • 2. Marketing Communications Plan — A tactical analysis of how to achieve the client’s stated goals and objectives within a particular project or campaign.
  • 3. Creative Development — Concepting the creative approach which will best fulfill the marketing communications plan; preparing the layouts and copy for client review.
  • 4. Pre-Production — Digital layout of copy, creative, photography, and illustration for client approval.
  • 5. Production — Pre-press preparation of digital files for printer or outside vendor; final production of audio/video/film.